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Anna Bryniarski

The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.


Tuesday July 17, 2018
Hi Anna, thank you for your 5-Star rating of Zen Nail Lounge & Oasis. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our service. Without you and all of our wonderful guests, we would not even need to unlock the front door.

Kelly Shirkey

I have never been to this place and probably won’t ever be going, as I called to see if they do nail extensions using a nail form with acrylic and a gel over lay, the guy that answered the phone had no idea what I was talking about!! He said he didn’t understand what I was wanting so he puts me on hold and I’m guessing he went and asked someone else because he got back on the phone and said no they do not do that!! Does anyone know what I’m talking about?? All I’m wanting is to get nail extensions, like instead of using a fake nail tip and glueing it on my natural nail and covering it with acrylic then painting it...what I DO want is to not use any fake nail tips only use a nail for then put the acrylic on my natural nail and nail form to extend it out, then for the polish, use a gel polish!! It can be done, check out Naio Nails with Kristy she does it all the time and does and awesome job makes the nails look so natural and pretty!! I usually do them myself but was just tired of having to do them myself all the time and wanted to get them done for a change, if anyone knows what I’m talking about and where I can go to get this done please let me know, I don’t care about cost just a good decent job done on them. Thanks



Monday, July 16, 2018
Hi Kelly, I am not sure why you feel Zen deserves a 1-Star rating because you are frustrated by the fact we do not offer a service you want. The guy who answered the phone is not a nail technician and didn't want to give you an incorrect answer. That is why he checked into your request before answering you. I totally understand your frustration, not being able to get the service you want, but wouldn't you have been even more frustrated had he said yes and you found out we did not only after you came for an appointment? We hope you feel better being able to vent your frustration in your review and we hope you are able to find a nail salon who can provide the service you want.

Jessica Dalton

Great service! Melanie was awesome with my two daughters (ages 23 months & 3 years). She was sweet and kind and patient with all 3 of us. Thanks Melanie!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thank you for your 5-Star rating of Zen and your words of praise for Melanie. She really does a great job for all of her guests and we're glad she is at Zen. Thank you for taking the time to write your review.

Julie LeMasters

Fantastic job!! Thank you so much!


Tuesday July 10, 2018

Thanks Julie for taking the time to give Zen a 5-Star rating. It encourages us to keep working hard to please all of our guests. We look forward to your returning to Zen.

Kristan Branstetter

Came in today (7/9/2018) to relax and get a full set put on. The guy at the front was extremely nice, told me the gel polish full set was $50.00 and regular polish was $35.00 for the set. I pick a polish I liked out and the lady comes and seats me. Starts working on my nails and telling me the polish I had picked out would look horrible and that I need to do gel because it goes on better and wont look bad, I then tell her I'll just do french tips that are painted on, basically tells me their polish is garbage and I need to do gel polish because if not the polish will come off. So whatever, basically getting told I have to do the $50.00 set instead of $35.00 or my nails won't look good. I eventually pick out a gel polish I liked that was almost identical to the regular polish, after cutting my cuticles and having them bleed and are super irritated she applies the gel polish, doesnt cover my whole nail, places are missing where polish should be, theres glue and acrylic all over my nails (didn't notice in the lounge or I would've made her fix it) I go up and I pay the $50.00 and she just stands there waiting for her "tip". This was probably the worst $50.00 nail job I've had and will not be back. I have pictures as well and you can tell there is no passion or care for the job done, basically just a number and money.. Other than that the guy up front was awesome and the place is super nice.



Monday July 9, 2018

Hi Kristan, I am more than disappointed with the way you were treated today by the technician who gave you service. I am hoping you will see this response and give me a call at 309-689-6245 so I can setup an appointment to redo your full set with a different technician at no charge. Please call me or if anyone reading this knows Kristan, please ask her to call me ASAP or give me a call yourself. I want to do all I can to make her happy, even if afterwards she decided never to come back. At least I will know I did all I possible could.

Cheryl Simms

Cheryl didn't write a review and has left just a rating.


Sunday July 8, 2018
Thanks Cheryl for your 5-Star rating. Yours and other guest's encouragement keeps us motivated to continue working hard to satisfy every guest who comes into Zen and it makes all of the effort it takes worth it! Thanks again.


Angie Pate


Today was my first time having Kayla doing my nails. Kayla was a FANTASTIC nail tech. One of the BEST pedicures I have had there. She made my not so cute feet look AMAZING. LOVED it! Just the right amount of pressure. I highly recommend Kayla. Ask her about glittering toe nails. I will definitely be having Kayla do my pedicure again. Keep up the GOOD work!


Saturday, July 7, 2018
Hi Angie, Thank you so very much for your 5-Star rating and your very high recommendation of Kayla. She works very hard for all of her guests and deserves all the praise you have given her. We look forward to your returning to Zen in the future.


Demenika parker


There have amazing 😉 drinks 🍹


Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Hi Demenika, Thank you for your 5-Star rating and for letting us know you like our beverages. We worked very hard deciding what beverages to offer and then making them just right so you'll feel you do not have to stop on the way to Zen to get one. You can simply come to Zen and we'll make you a fresh one as soon as you order it.


Jody McKinty



Monday, July 2nd, 2018
Hi Jody, We are very disappointed you felt you could only give us a 2-Star rating. If we know there is an issue before you leave Zen we can take care of it right then or we'll make an appointment, at your convenience, to fix whatever you are unhappy with. We truly want all of our guests to have a great experience here at Zen. Please give us a call at 309-689-6245. Regardless, thank you for taking to time to give us a rating.