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Zen Nail Lounge & Oasis is now hiring Nail  Technicians

Must be State of Illinois Licensed


We prefer you to have Acrylic experience but that is not required.

We also prefer you to have Gel (No Chip) experience but its not required.

You must be able to do a classic regular polish manicure and pedicure.

Why Consider Zen Nail Lounge & Oasis for a career?

It's really simple:

  1. First of all, we have some of the nicest guest's coming into Zen you would ever want to meet.

  2. We have a brand new facility.

  3. We have the newest and best pedicure chairs in the industry. Our chairs employ use the most advanced technology with their disposable pedicure jets. This guarantees NO cross contamination.

  4. We provide more for you to be able to do your job than any nail salon in the Peoria area.

  5. The atmosphere here at Zen is like no other. 

  6. It is like going to a tropical island (a mini vacation) right here in Peoria.

  7. Our guests leave here more relaxed and happier than when they came in.

  8. We have more regular guests coming to Zen than any other nail salon in Peoria.

  9. Because of the friendliness of our professional techs, the quality of their work and our facility, our techs make more in tips than anywhere else in the Peoria area.

  10. Most nail salons in the Peoria area are 800 to 1200 Square feet in size with 2 to 4 technicians. Zen is 5000 square feet and has the ability to service more people at the same time.

  11. Because of our size, we have a separate Area for groups and parties with it's own separate pedicure chairs and nail bar.

  12. Groups of up to 6 people can sit at the beach and look out over the ocean.

  13. Larger groups have another area where then can enjoy each other while they get pampered.

  14. And we still have an area with 12 additional pedicure chairs for our regular guests to enjoy.

  15. We also have a Tiki beverage bar for our guests to enjoy before during or after their service.

  16. All of this is why we have captured almost all of the group business in the entire Peoria area.

  17. We make and manage all your appointments freeing you up to devote that time to your guests.

  18. This allows you to make more income without the need to rush anyone. 

  19. We have so many male guests coming into Zen we have developed pedicures especially for men.

  20. We offer you the opportunity to perfect your craft and skills.

  21. We will help you build your business within our facility.

  22. We will teach you whatever you need to learn to better serve our guests.

Need more reasons? Come in, let's talk...

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